This high quality Milk Replacer is a non-medicated 20% all milk protein, plus 20% edible-grade fat formula that meets the complete nutritional requirements of nursing calves. Milk Replacer 20:20 is a highly fortified calf milk replacer that is also mildly acidified and fortified with Direct Fed Microbials and Organic Trace Minerals.

Sold in 50lb bags or bulk.

High Quality Ingredients – Contains 20% all milk protein and 20% edible grade fat for optimal digestibility and gain.
Organic Trace Minerals – Supports absorption and tissue retention so more of the mineral is available during times of stress.
Vitamin Enriched – Formulated with Vitamins A, D, E, and B-Complex to support growth and optimum immune function.
Acidified – Low pH milk replacers support digestion and calf health.
BioPlus2B – Two strains of lactic-acid producing microorganisms support calf digestion and beneficial probiotics to optimize health and feed conversion.
Xtract Instant – Microencapsulated standardized combination of active substances naturally occurring in aromatic plants and spices formulated to support feed intake and calf performance.
Instantized Manufacturing Process – Mixes easily in warm water (120°F) and stays in suspension well.

How to Feed:
Growth Feeding Program: Use the 10 ounce cup included in every bag or weigh milk powder. A full cup-twice daily gets calves off to an optimal start.

Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:
Milk Replacer 20:20 Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis