Beet-e-Bite Treats: 12-Oz Bag



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Low sugar, low carb Beet-E-Bites horse treats were developed with the needs of Cushing’s, insulin resistant, EPSM, and other carbohydrate sensitive horses in mind. All horses love to be treated, and now even horses that are sensitive to carbohydrates can enjoy a safe low sugar, low starch treat.

These horse treats are made from the finest ingredients and contain no added sugar, molasses, oats, corn, artificial colors or preservatives. They contain no herbs and will never produce a positive drug test for any discipline or any type of competition. They are tested by Equi-Analytical Labs and are 3.3% ESC (Simple sugars) and 4.9% Starch for a total value @ 8.2%. Recommendations for carbohydrate sensitive horses are 10% and under.

Treats come in four great flavors: Peppermint, Apple, Carrot and Licorice! As they are all hand cut, they may have very slight variations in size.

Sold in 12 oz. bag.

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Licorice, Peppermint, Carrot, Apple