8020product80/20 High Energy all-natural hay pellet is a popular feed made from 80% sun-cured alfalfa and 20% corn with a vitamin and mineral package added. This complete feed is guaranteed at no less than 15% protein and will save you time and money by eliminating the hassle of mixing feeds. Our pellets are very palatable, and no molasses is utilized in this product. Our quarter inch die allows us to form a firm pellet without the use of bentonite. This product is made without dust, waste, or additives. They are easy to store, easy to feed, and easy to digest.

We have had success with dairy goats and cattle customers in feeding this product.

Sold in 50lb bags or bulk.


Pellets are made from clean, high-quality forage
Pellets are chopped & pressed–no bentonite or binders of any kind are used
Hay pellets can be fed to all classes of horses and other animals at any stage in life.
Pellets are small, breakable and readily absorb water
Added vitamin and mineral package includes chelated minerals for improved utilization and performance
The calcium/phosphorous ratio is balanced to keep bone and joint structures healthy.

How to Feed:
Please note Manufacturer’s recommended feeding instructions for horses:
Mature Horse: 1.5-2 lbs. per hundred lbs. of body weight per day
Growing Horse: 2-3 lbs. per hundred lbs. of body weight per day
Pregnant or Lactating Mare: 2-3 lbs. per hundred lbs. of body weight per day

Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis: