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About Us

Our Mission

We have had a lifelong love of animals and are committed to their well-being by providing quality natural and organic products.

Agape Distributors is committed to researching and finding quality feed products that provide the best nutrition available for your livestock without containing Sugar (Molasses) and/ or Starch. We all know what sugar and starch do in the human diet. Animals are suffering as well.

Foraging herbivores do not have the ability to digest large quantities of these ingredients. We are seeing suppressed immune systems, illnesses, joint issues/arthritis, insulin & metabolic problems, and many other problems that are now being linked to sugar and starch in their diet.

Our belief is that good nutrition plays a vital role in health and healing.

–Lisa Rasmussen

Who We Are:

At an early age, I fell in love with horses. I remember my first horse birthday party at the age of 4 and couldn’t wait to get my own pony.…

I spent my childhood on a small farm/resort far up in Northern Wisconsin. We were largely self-sufficient and had a variety of animals as well as gardens and wild berries…