I spent my childhood on a small farm/resort far up in Northern Wisconsin. We were largely self-sufficient and had a variety of animals as well as gardens and wild berries and fruits. We had dairy cattle, hogs, poultry, rabbits, horses dogs, cats, and various and sundry wild critters that my grandpa occasionally turned up with. Such as a tame crow and a baby muskrat just to name a couple. My Grandma raised canaries and we always had one or more singing throughout the house. Animals were an extremely important part of our lives and we depended on them greatly.

Although I no longer must depend on animals for my livelihood, I still retain the love and respect for them that I grew up with. I am most concerned about the area of their health and nutrition.

I feel that in some small way I can pay back the animal kingdom for all they provided to me and my family by learning and in turn educating on animals nutritional needs and their general well-being. I spent 3 years working in a veterinary clinic and many years working at the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and feel that I learned a great deal from both.

I recently moved to Colorado and currently have 3 horses, 5 sheep, two Llama/Alpaca crosses, several dogs and two cats. One mine, the other a “move in.” Kitties just live wherever they want to. I am very involved in the Sweet-Pro nutritional products for all livestock and especially the EquiPride/Equilix equine products. I am always pleased and amazed at the stories people have to tell about the differences that these products have made in the lives of their animals. I am proud to be a part of it. A way to say “Thank You” to all those animals from my childhood.