At an early age, I fell in love with horses. I remember my first horse birthday party at the age of 4 and couldn’t wait to get my own pony. Misty, my first Shetland pony, arrived to join me shortly thereafter and became my best friend. She went trail riding daily with me and even shared an ice cream cone with me after ordering at the local drive-up fast food window.

I spent my childhood on a farm in Wisconsin where my family bred and raised Arabian horses, dairy cows, a few sheep and goats, ducks, chickens and swine. I participated in 4-H throughout my youth showing horses and sheep.

Although I have always loved animals I became interested in their nutritional needs after several of my horses died of colic and one developed laminitis. I began a quest of researching and understanding the nutritional needs of horses. I quickly discovered that good nutrition plays a part in health and healing. I learned about the problems and diseases caused by processed feed, particularly products that contain sugar, molasses or starch. As a result, our animals are developing the same diseases that people do (obesity, metabolic issues, and diabetes)! Additionally, not only can processed feed be detrimental to health and healing, but also in weight gain in livestock.

As a result of my research, I established Agape Distributors to provide good nutrition—God’s way. My goal is to provide top quality natural and organic feed at an affordable price so that all animals can benefit.