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Horses: Arabian Horses’ Success Story on EquiPride

“I just wanted to tell you how incredible EquiPride is! I have two Arabians: a 23-year-old mare who is my trail horse, and a 3-year-old show filly. Six months ago I started them on EquiPride at the advice of my feed store guy; they were already in great shape but I wanted to maintain their coat and feet through the winter.

“Within a few weeks of starting them on EquiPride I noticed a big difference in skin and coat condition, within 4 weeks I could see a change in their hooves. They were already great in both areas, but I still saw a BIG improvement!

“About two months after starting on EquiPride my husband left us and we found ourselves homeless. We ended up moving in with family 2000 miles away. When we arrived at our new home it was some of the hottest temps on record, the flies were horrible, and within two weeks my 23-year-old mare had a major leg wound that the vet said would result in permanent lameness, and my filly started dropping weight like crazy. During the move they had been off their EquiPride for a total of about 4 weeks, so once my mare was injured I immediately started them back on it. Within THIRTY DAYS my mare’s leg wound was completely healed, and she was completely sound. I have photos of this wound and every single person who has seen it is absolutely amazed that she recovered at all, much less that quickly. In addition, my filly has put weight back on and once again has an amazing feel to her coat.

“I will never go without your product again. I am going to start my dog who has hip problems on it as well. Thank you for your incredible product!”
-Beth S.