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Horses: Attitude, Nervousness and EquiPride

What it is/How it Affects Your Horse:
A horse’s state of mind and attitude are very important in any riding or training situation. Horses are animals with “fright and flight” instincts and therefore have naturally high energy, and sometimes-nervous dispositions. Trainers, riders, and owners struggle to gain a horse’s confidence and trust, which are needed to focus the horse and calm him. Some horse feeds are filled with high amounts of sugar and can cause a horse to be hyperactive and nervous. It is therefore important to find a balanced diet that gives the horse energy, while still allowing it to be focused and calm.

Online Resource We Recommend: 
Franklin Levinson’s Way of the Horse: Attitude is everything

How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:
Testimonial from the owner of a thoroughbred:
“I started my horse, an off the track thoroughbred, on EquiPride a little over a month ago. The change in him has been dramatic and nothing short of remarkable. He’s calm and relaxed on trail rides and he looks like he feels good. The boarders at the stable where I keep him have remarked about the difference in him and have all bought your product.”
-Teresa via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen 

Testimonial from a multiple horse owner:
“I am so pleased with EquiPride! I can’t get over the change in my horses, it’s like they’ve been born again. They’re calm yet have much more energy and are very alert.”
-Customer via e-mail to Colorado dealer Linda Hall-Taylor

Testimonial from the owner of a horse struggling with training situations:
“My quarter horse gelding would get gas colic after being stressed in training situations. Within 10 days of getting EquiPride, he stopped getting stressed and has not had any more indications of colic. Our quarter horse mare had the same outstanding results. She seems calmer and less nervous.”
-Cheryl, Berthoud, CO 

Testimonial from the owner of a horse struggling with nervousness:
“I see a difference in his whole demeanor. He has this aura of contentment about him, and his energy level is great without being too hot. I wish I had known about this product sooner! I’m recommending it to my students and anyone who will listen.”
-Andrea via e-mail to Colorado dealer Linda Hall-Taylor

Testimonial from the owner of a horse with recurring medical problems:
“Two years ago we spent time trying to figure out why our horse was such a rack of bones. Over the next year I was able to get some weight on him but as soon as he got stressed he would go off his feed and lose weight again. Now, he hasn’t gone off his feed and his attitude is calmer. He is just a much happier, healthier horse. Thanks for making this great product!”
-Frieda, MN, via e-mail