Bison are foraging herbivores…

In nature bison met their nutritional needs by roaming to find plants, licking on mineral deposits and other plant material and consuming fresh, clean water free choice.   Ranches now confine their bison (buffalo) to dry lot paddocks or pastures.  Our product choices support feeding bison either free choice or scheduled feedings.

Help choosing how to feed:

Many people believe that animals know what their bodies need.  In nature they would find it.  Farm or ranch bison certainly can’t roam far to meet their nutritional needs.   We offer products that support free choice feeding for your bison herd.

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Free-choice feeding options:

SweetPro’s Calf Tubs: SweetPro® offers two bison calf blocks (225lbs each) – Bison Starter and Bison Kandi – which are designed for essential fortification of starting calves’ requirements for vitamins A, D & E plus protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements including selenium.Daily intake will vary depending on forage quality and nutritional needs. Expected range of consumption is from 0.5 to 1.5 lbs per head per day and forage digestion is greatly increased. A great energy and protein source (15% for the Starter & 18% for the Kandi), weight gain is improved with a “growthy gain” that builds frame, not fat. SweetPro bison calf blocks help minimize bacterial scours and are convenient to feed with less waste and labor.

Adult Bison Tubs: SweetPro offers a 250lb Bison 16 lick tub.  Again, this product provides all the required protein, vitamins, minerals your animal needs.  Our tubs are not only molasses and starch free, but contain yeast, live enzymes and pre-biotics for better digestion providing up to 25% improved feed efficiency.

Redmond: If you are looking for salt, we recommend Redmond Naturals’ sea salt with over 50 trace minerals.  The Redmond Rock is 7 lbs or the salt blocks come in a 44lb Lick Block version. The Redmond Lick block comes in 8 different types.

Scheduled Feeding Options:

Fresh Start with Diatomaceous Earth: If you prefer to feed your bison in a bunker setting our suggestion would be to feed SweetPro’s Fresh Start with diatomaceous earth.  Fresh Start is an all-natural, non-molasses, non-starch loose supplement that is intended for hand feeding.  Fresh Start contains all the protein, vitamins, minerals, yeast, live enzymes, pre-biotics and diatomaceous earth for your bison’s nutritional needs.  Fresh Start can be ordered in 50lb bags or 2,000 lb totes.  Please note that Fresh Start is suitable for all ages of bison.  Fresh Start is fed at 1 oz. /100lbs of body weight per day.

Redmond Naturals: Redmond Naturals provide a sea salt and volcanic ash (toxin binder) conditioner in hand-fed bagged versions. The salt and conditioner are available in 50lbs bags or 2000lb totes.

Mountain Sunrise Hay Pellets: Mountain Sunrise makes all natural (no additives/binders) hay pellets in alfalfa, various types of grass hay (Bermuda, Bermuda plus, oat, and timothy) and a combination of alfalfa/Bermuda, alfalfa/oat and alfalfa/timothy. We offer 8 kinds of hay for you to choose from in 50lb bags.  We also carry the Mountain Sunrise 80/20 pellets that contain 80% alfalfa & 20% corn, also in 50lb bags.


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