Darcy Carr of New Raymer’s Colorado Cattle Company has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix with the ranch horses! Read on, and then hear their testimonial and see beautiful shots of their ranch in this video!

“We have a real, working-cattle ranch with the amenities of a fine resort. Guests do the branding and vaccination of calves; they also sort, gather and drive cattle to pastures and water and learn team penning, roping, and advanced riding skills. We have a full liquor license and excellent food in this adult-only retreat. In addition to our indoor pool and sauna, our cabins are cozy and private.

Cattle work is a priority and whatever time is left in the day is focused on cowboy school. School time is whatever the guests desire to learn—be it roping, team penning, learning to read and sort cattle, moving cattle, and even playing games in our indoor or outdoor arena.

We came to know of EquiLix through our veterinarian, Dr. Paul Fornstrom, of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. As hay varies in quality, I wanted to make sure our horses were getting a well-rounded diet. If the hay isn’t the best quality, the supplements would balance out their diet. If hay is good, they don’t need as much. We equate it to giving your child a multi-vitamin each day. It just helps boost their overall nutrition.

The tubs work great for us because we have 82 horses. Feeding them individually each day is not always possible. Our guests compliment us on the condition of our horses all the time. I think the product speaks for itself— the quality of the product is reflected in the condition of our horses. We have horses ranging in age from three to upper 20s. They ALL look and feel good. When our horses develop arthritis or are just getting up there in age, they are retired and live out their lives here on the ranch. They are not traded or sold because they are no longer able to ‘work.’ They’ve earned their retirement and deserve to live their lives out on the ranch where I know they will be treated properly through all their days.”