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Agape Contest Rules

General Rules Applicable to all Agape Contests:

“Agape” herein refers to Agape Distributors, LLC, and all the products it distributes (see product list at “Contest” herein refers to contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. Unless otherwise excluded by law or by the rules applicable to a particular contest, Agape contests are open to residents of the United States who are 18 years or older. Employees, agents and immediate family members of Agape, its advertising agencies, sponsors, affiliates and representatives are not eligible to participate. Immediate family members include spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren whether by current marriage, past marriage, adoption or as in-laws. All contests are void where prohibited by law. No purchase is necessary.

All contest entries and photos or other submissions entered on social media posts or marked with contest-specific hashtags or markers become the property of Agape. Each entrant may enter a contest only once, unless otherwise specified. In the case of multiple entries by the same person, all entries may be withdrawn and the entrant disqualified. Agape has the right to share photos, feedback and contest entries in their entirety or part for use in marketing of the products.

Each entrant agrees that in the event he or she wins a contest, Agape shall have the right, without further compensation, to publicize his or her name, likeness, written entry, city and state of residence and the fact that he or she won the contest. Entrants further agree that Agape may use such identifying information to publicize its products and/or other contests.

Prize values are as specified in contest specific rules. Entrants are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes applicable to prizes and the award of prizes. Agape is required to report winnings exceeding $600 per year (in the aggregate) to the Internal Revenue Service and will provide winners falling within this requirement with an IRS Form 1099 after the close of the calendar year in which the prize(s) were won. Winners agree to provide Agape with their social security number and such other information as may be required by Agape to comply with applicable laws.

Entrants agree to release and hold harmless Agape and its officers, agents, employees, sponsors and affiliates from any and all damages, liabilities or claims for injury or damage of any kind that might arise in connection with a contest, a prize, or the award of a prize. Agape reserves the right to condition the final award of any prize on the execution of a legally enforceable release of claims and indemnity agreement.

Agape is not responsible for service outages, connection speeds or other sources of delay in Internet systems which may influence or affect the chances of winning a contest.

Agape reserves the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value for the prize originally announced if the original contest prize is or becomes unavailable. Agape is not liable if an event with which a prize is associated is canceled due to circumstances beyond Agape’s control. Unless impossible or impractical, prizes will be mailed to the winner within 60 days after the winner is selected and announced online.

Agape reserves the right to disqualify any entrant or winner (whether or not the winner’s identity has been announced) who does not adhere to the rules applicable to the contest in which he or she entered or who gains an unfair advantage through fraud or unsportsmanlike conduct in participating in the contest.

In the event any contest specific rules conflict with these general rules, the contest specific rules shall control. On occasion, circumstances may require the rules of a contest to be modified. Changes to contest rules will be posted on Agape’s website or social media. Agape reserves the right to interpret and apply all rules applicable to its contests and its interpretation and application shall be final. For a copy of contest rules send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Agape Distributors, Attn: Contest Rules, 1 McIntyre Court, Golden, Colorado 80401 and include the name of the contest you are inquiring about.

For a list of contest winners send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Agape Distributors, 1 McIntyre Court, Golden, Colorado 80401 and include the name of the contest you are inquiring about.