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Horses: Equine Cushing’s Disease and EquiPride

What it is/How it Affects Your Horse:
Equine Cushing’s disease is a disease most common in horses over 15 years of age. It is the result of a hormonal disorder due to a tumor or cell growth in the pituitary gland. ¬†Horses inflicted with the disease will experience changes to their coat’s texture, weakened immune symptoms, enhanced thirst, and lessened muscle definition. Horses with the disease must control steroid levels through medication. The disease may cause furthering problems with a horse’s feet, such as white line disease, which breaks down the wall of the hoof and causes lameness.

Online Resources We Recommend:
EQUUS Magazine: Managing Cushing’s Disease in Horses
My Pet Articles: Equine Cushing’s disease symptoms and treatment
In Practice veterinary journal: Equine Cushing’s Disease

How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:
Testimonial from the owner of a mare suffering from problems related to Cushing’s:
“My older mare has Cushing’s and all the accompanying problems. It has been a lifesaver for her. Not only are her feet in incredible shape, but also this spring for the first time in years she has shed out and has a beautiful coat. In November she was hardly able to walk and by the time I called my farrier for the next visit, she was noticeably better, he was amazed.”
-Ann via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen

Testimonial from a large animal veterinarian:
“There was one horse in particular with Equine Cushing’s disease, I feel like we really started to turn the corner with her when I put her on EquiPride.”
-Ashleigh, DVM, Aspen Creek Large Animal Clinic

Testimonial from the owner of a 28-year-old retired competition horse:
“My retired competition horse was getting a cresty neck and hindquarters. I was worried she might be getting Cushing’s despite my carefulness with her diet and exercise. Within about 10 days of starting EquiPride the cresty neck and hindquarters seemed to be melting away. She is back to being her beautiful self and looks about 10 years younger. The results speak for themselves. It is the one supplement that I plan to keep in my feed room for all my horses.”
-Cheryl, Berthoud, CO