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Horses: Will EquiPride Help My IR or Cushings Horse?

Question: I have an insulin resistant (IR) horse and need to know, if you know or can have measured, what the NSC (I think it means the natural sugar content) or ESC of EquiPride is. I know you don’t add any sugars to the product, but everything has a natural sugar content, and I need to know what EquiPride’s is.

Answer from Bob Thornberg, founder and formulator of EquiPride/EquiLix: NSC on EquiPride is between 4.75% and 5.75%. The technical definition of NSC is Non-Sructurual-Carbohydrate which would include both starch and sugar,

Of the NSC in EquiPride, it’s technically starch, but “resistant starch” which is a category just below structural and is digested the same as a dietary fiber.

We make a point of being the best supplement available for the IR horse. We don’t contribute to insulin related problems, indeed, we help improve (modulate) the insulin response. We are having very good results is IR, laminitic horses and those with variations of IR problems such as Cushings.

It was interesting to hear the term Natural Sugar Content used with the initials NSC. It’s actually a good way to remember the essence of the term because it seeks to identify rapidly digested carbohydrates and of course sugars are the biggest part of that.