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Dealer Profile: Skylane Equestrian

Our network of dealers helps us get great, natural products to you! Skylane Equestrian is carrying Agape and EquiPride and EquiLix for your horses and animals! Here’s a little more from Erin Gilbert at Skylane Equestrian:
Pearl Peter has been a customer for 20 years. She loves EquiPride because she used it for her mare Gale who was a chronic colicker. She put Gale on EquiPride and the constant colicking just went away.
What animals do most of your customers have?
What makes your store unique?
Erin has been in horses since she was 9 years old, that’s always where she wanted to be. When she got out of high school, she made sure that she could keep horses as a part of her life. Instead of going off to college, Erin found a full-time job so she could be around horses. This is where she wants to be, and this is her passion.
Is there anything else you want to add or highlight?
Erin personally loves EquiPride for her own horses and loves what it does for them in terms of their coats, weight, and overall health. She uses it on her own animals and encourages to use EquiPride as well.
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