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Horses, Cattle, Goats: Diatomaceous Earth in SweetPro

One of the ingredients I love in the SweetPro products is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). This ingredient is particularly helpful and important as we approach the fly season.
In recent years, DE has come to the forefront in benefiting both animals and humans alike. Many customers use DE as an all-natural method of internal parasite reduction and/or elimination.

DE is a fine white powdery substance that can be fed alone, or in the case of the SweetPro products, can be added directly to our products. The EquiLix horse tubs and the PowerMate cattle and goat tubs come standard with DE.

Here is what Holistic Horse says about DE:

“The tiny Diatom shells are not a food. They do not digest (except some of the trace minerals), they pass all the way through the body. Everything it does is either physical action or electrical action. The Diatom shell is a little cylinder full of holes. It resembles Rice Chex cereal. The cylinders have a powerful negative charge and the holes are the right size to absorb positively charged viruses and bacteria, hold them, and take them out of the body. Each shell can hold and neutralize many positive particles. Mixed with feed or eaten free choice the cylinders, by the millions, pass through the stomach and intestines and destroy parasites with absolutely no side effect to the animal. This is a physical action, not a chemical action. Flies are a major problem where large groups of animals or birds are confined, especially close to populated areas. Companies and individuals spend a lot of time and money trying to solve this problem usually with little success. Along with the flies there is always odor and that can be as big a problem as the flies themselves. The solution is an all natural product with no harmful side effects it’s not a drug, not a chemical and you feed it to your animals! As a result of proper feeding fly larvae cannot hatch in the manure.” Source:

Feeding DE alone has some drawbacks, however. It is incredibly dusty and may lead to breathing problems. This drawback is resolved when the DE is added to the SweetPro products. You receive all the benefits of DE without the downside of the dust.

-Lisa Rasmussen