Organic Hog Finisher (14% protein) is designed for hogs from 175 lbs. to finish. This feed contains grains from Montana farmers who have a commitment to sustainable production systems. We also purchase Montana-mined calcium and special vitamin/mineral premixes, all approved by USDA-NOP for use in organic feed.

Our organic feeds are made from high quality, certified organic grains grown in Montana and the surrounding region. The grains used in the rations are purchased from organic family farmers and also contain high-protein Kamut (ancient) wheat, barley, feed peas, and flax. What is Kamut? Watch this video now

Because we use high quality, high-protein ingredients we use only minimal amounts of certified organic soybean meal. The variety of grains and minor ingredients in our feed assures the best complement of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins available for your hogs. Our feed contains no antibiotics, animal by-products or coccidiostats.

This product is sold in 50lb bags or in bulk.

How to Feed:
Feed free choice to hogs. Keep feed dry, cool and out of sun. Always provide fresh water and shade for hogs. If your hogs are also on forage they may eat less feed, depending on the forage type and age. The breed of your hog, weather conditions, and availability of other feed stuffs will all contribute to differences in feed consumption and weight gain. Generally, hogs fed a full diet of good milled feed will gain about 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per day, to a finished weight of about 220 lbs. Average daily feed consumption may range from 3.75 lbs. early in the growing period, and increase to over 6 lbs. per day in the finishing stage

Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:
Hog Finisher Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis

Certified Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture