Monika Courtney of Evergreen, CO, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix with her horses! “We got our first horse, Moon, nine years ago. She had stifle problems and an injured knee, which led to arthritis. She was only four at that time. My daughter was in 4-H where we found EquiPride. I attended a seminar to find out more, and what I learned made me a believer. We put Moon on the product, and she improved. Her stiffness went away, and she seemed more comfortable. We now have four horses, and all of them have been on EquiPride for years. They’ve never had health issues, no colics, their coats are beautiful, and their feet in great shape. I rescued a little filly who had a bad start in life, and she blossomed under EquiPride. She craved the product so much after coming to us that it told me she had serious deficiencies in nutrition. I now also foster two Mustang orphans. They love EquiPride. I have an EquiLix in their paddock, to which they took immediately. I also give the bag product once a day. Their disposition has greatly improved, along with their look, coats, and all-over appearance. I recommend this product to everyone. It is the only one you’ll need–it has all the benefits a horse needs for whatever situation. Eight years of EquiPride convinced me! Thank you, SweetPro, for making it!”