Our mineral salt for animals is 5%-10 purer than the industry leader and contains necessary minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and cobalt. Which means, your animals will get more of what they need without the waste.

But, why do your animals need salt? Well, it helps control blood’s PH levels, and the chlorides help in digestion, as well as maintaining blood acid levels. Many animals can access these valuable minerals through other natural food sources in very minute amounts, but they’ll still need more to balance their health.

For lactating and nursing animals, calcium from salt is critical for building strong bones and teeth, milk production, a regular heartbeat, blood clotting, muscle movement, and nervous system function.

All benefitting your animals’ health and wellbeing.


Helps control blood pH levels

Supports normal function of muscles and nerves

Aids digestion

Keeps blood acid levels balanced

Maintains electrolyte metabolism

How to feed

Feed free choice.  Mix or blend with other feedstuffs.  Have plenty of fresh water readily available.

Ingredients/guaranteed analysis

Total Chlorides         98.0 – 99.5%

Sodium Chlorides    min. 98.0%

Calcium                     0.054%

Magnesium               0.034%

Potassium                 0.44%

Sulfate                        0.10%

Copper                       .012 ppm

Iodine                        <0.5 ppm

Iron                            .16 ppm

Phosphorus               6 ppm

Sulfur                         460 ppm

Manganese                1.6 ppm

Water-insoluble        0.24%

Moisture                    <0.5%

Bulk Density             1137 kg/m3

71 lbs/ft3