michelle-snookMichelle Snook, located in Hurricane, Utah, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride with her horse!

“When I returned home from being out of town for a week, I found one of my three Mustangs had lost a significant amount of weight quickly. Normally a lively, playful and loving horse, she was now lethargic, dehydrated, skinny and very unresponsive to me.

“The vet wasn’t clear about the diagnosis and wanted to perform a battery of expensive tests. A friend recommended that we do what we could on our own to get her well before we resorted to spending a great deal of money.

“We used EquiPride that we found at the National Western Stock Show, made a mash with beet pulp, and added electrolytes to her water. To my delight, she began to eat and regained her energy within two days. It took her a few weeks to gain her weight back. She really liked the EquiPride mixture and I’m glad we had some on hand.”