We at Agape Naturals are strong supporters of 4-H! We sponsored several Adams County 4-Hers with SweetPro feed supplements. Read Mikayla’s updates here on using EquiPride with her horse!

April 1, 2015: I am super excited for the upcoming year because, in January I purchased a new horse named Dolly. I plan to use her for Gymkhana events and maybe play around with the Working Ranch Horse division too. Our first Gymkhana will be April 19. We just had a barrel clinic on March 30, and she did fantastic! I started her on EquiPride the day I received it. She is now up to the full dose and seems to be doing well. When I bought Dolly, her coat was coarse and dull, she was lacking muscle, and she had bite marks on her back. She is now shedding like crazy, and her new coat already is softer, the bite marks are barely noticeable and with consistent exercise she is filling out. A friend even noticed how soft her mane is. I am extremely grateful to Agape for sponsoring me this year and providing me with this supplement. Thank you so much!


May 1, 2015: I have had a lot of fun preparing Dolly for the upcoming show season. We were supposed to have had a show on April 19, but it got canceled, which was a bummer. I haven’t had as much riding time as I’d hoped to due to a crazy school schedule, but I am looking forward to being done with classes this week and getting to ride more! Despite this, the times we have ridden are great. I recently took her to another barrel clinic, and she did fantastic. We have a ranch horse show coming up in May so I will be working hard on my roping and ranch horse skills in the upcoming month. I have definitely been noticing changes in Dolly on the SweetPro supplement. She is almost fully shed out and is looking gorgeous! Her new coat is very soft and shiny. Her hooves are looking healthier, too! At the clinic, our clinician noticed how good Dolly looked. She said she was very healthy looking, well-muscled, and had a lot of stamina. Thank you again very much for sponsoring me and my horse this 4-H year.

June 2, 2015: Due to the weather I haven’t had much ride time with my mare. She is fully shed out and looks fantastic. I am very impressed that despite the obnoxious amount of moisture, her feet are remaining hard and healthy! I am really excited to see what June brings us–there are many more clinics to attend and a gymkhana approaching in July. Thank you so much for sponsoring me this year.

July 3, 2015: June has been a crazy month! I have been gone for most of it due to other 4-H competitions. Dolly is great! She has come so far. I took her to a ranch horse lesson two weeks ago, and she did great. Our first lesson she was pretty nervous about the cows. She wouldn’t go up to the fence much less track one. Though she was still nervous about walking into a herd she could walk by the fence and track an individual cow.

She looks great! She is so shiny and healthy. My poor mare’s feet were obviously not taken care of very well before we got her. My farrier thinks she probably had laminitis at one point. She just had her third trim at our house, and there is a very definite line on her hoof from when we first got her. The new hoof is coming in nicely, and my farrier has remarked about the changes she is starting to see.

One issue I have had this year is fly control. No brand of fly spray seems to work! With the appearance of VS in Colorado again, I decided to be super cautious and fly sheet my horses. So Dolly gets spoiled with being blanketed and sprayed multiple times throughout the day.

I recently had a neat experience with the EquiPride distributors form Iowa. I work for a horse chiropractor and acupuncturist. A few weeks ago the distributors came to interview her and get footage of her work. She told them about my sponsorship within 4-H, and they interviewed me as well!

I am looking forward to the upcoming month. I should have a less crazy schedule and be able to spend more time in the saddle. The gymkhana show is July 12, and I can’t wait to see how she does. Thank you again for sponsoring me.

August 1, 2015: I’m really excited for fair! Dolly has been fantastic! She is really making leaps and bounds with the working ranch horse division. We were able to place at her first Gymkhana which was great. I was so impressed how she handled herself, she stayed calm the entire day. She really looks great, she is so shiny and soft. My farriers were very impressed by how her feet are coming along. One issue I have been having is with her getting sunburned. She is thin skinned and has a white nose which has turned out to be a bad combination. We’ve had to invest in a full faced fly mask and sunscreen to keep her nose protected. I am so thankful that Agape chose me to sponsor this year. Thank you for giving me this wonderful experience.

September 1, 2015: Well, fair is over! It was an interesting one to be sure. For her first fair, Dolly did fantastic. We didn’t place in speed but she ran her fastest time yet. We did place in the individual cow work class at fair. For a horse that was afraid of cattle, I’m really proud of her.

I’ve had a blast with her this year. She has come so far. She has become way more trusting, in fact, she is starting to listen to my body more. She has gotten to be very sweet and pretty.

I definitely saw a huge change in her appearance and attitude from when I first purchased her. She is beautiful now. Her coat is so shiny and soft. My farriers have noticed distinct changes in her hooves. I am so thankful that Agape sponsored me this year. EquiPride is a great feed. Thank you so much!