I live in Alaska and own a beloved family milk cow named Emily. I bought her two years ago and added EquiPride (we don’t have access to the cattle versions of your supplement) 1 year ago. I must say that it is THE BEST supplement I have ever used. Ever. She is so sleek and shiny, her rumen is so well developed now because of the probiotics, and she just looks like a thriving, happy cow.

I’ve shared with so many people about your product, but never have to say much to get them listening being they either see her in person or see photos and want to know what I feed her.

Thank you for making such a high quality supplement, I really am thrilled with your product and sure hope we can keep buying it when we move to Texas in October–otherwise I’ll have to stockpile some from here for the trip!

Here are before and after photos for you to see. All I do is brush her, no fancy hair conditioning products!

Jayme Cupples

Day 1
2 years later
2 years later
Shine close up