Organic Layer Pellet No Corn/Soy (17% protein) is for chickens, ducks, or any laying poultry.  It can be fed as a complete diet or used with pasture raised hens.  Formulated with a variety of ingredients including sundried alfalfa, peas, flaxseed, kelp meal, diatomaceous earth, Redmond clay conditioner, Redmond salt, natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), and Pichia guilliermondii yeast from citrus pulp.  Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO.


Sold in 50lb bags.  May also be available in bulk. Please e-mail us with a quantity and we will get back to you.



Certified USDA Organic

Stronger shells, darker yolks and better flavor

Better Plumage

Easier digestion and less waste 

No GMOs, antibiotics or animal byproducts


How to Feed:

Feed this ration free choice to laying hens as a complete feed. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times.


Guaranteed Analysis/ Ingredients:

Organic Milo, organic peas, organic stabilized rice bran, organic wheat, ground limestone, organic barley, organic sun-dried alfalfa, organic flaxseed, moncalcium phosphate, organic kelp meal, diatomaceous earth, Redmond Conditioner (clay), Zeolite, Redmond Sea Salt, poultry vitamin & mineral premix, DL methionine, organic garlic granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil

Crude protein min 17%, crude fat min 2.1%, crude fiber max 4.8%, ash max 15%