Modesto Milling Organic Senior Feed for Horses

Modesto Milling is excited to share that our three organic horse feeds, Senior, Horse PLUS and our Supplement Pellet now contain organic carrots! We have also replaced organic rice bran with organic sesame meal. Sesame meal is micronutrient rich and low non-structural carbohydrate (NSC). In addition, sesame meal is an excellent source of protein for building strong muscles. We have also added Diamond V organic yeast to help improve digestion.

This feed has all the benefits of the other great concentrates, like the flax and sunflower seeds, coconut and kelp meal, and is nutritionally balanced to complement the horse’s forage. This Organic Senior Pellet has a reduced starch level for horses that require a concentrate feed but may not need the higher starch level found in the Organic Horse PLUS that is made with whole grains. Like the Organic Horse Supplement Pellet, the Organic Senior Pellet contains a small number of oats to add palatability and beta-glucans for gastrointestinal health. This new feed edition to Modesto is formulated without soy, corn, or molasses for conscientious horse owners who prefer to avoid these type of ingredients.

As a pelleted feed, it keeps choosy horses from sorting out their favorite parts of the feed and leaving the rest but contains most of the same ingredients as the Horse PLUS. As a bonus, the pellets can also be easily soaked to make a mash for older horses that may struggle with sensitive teeth.

Similar to their complete line of feed for livestock, Modesto Milling is delighted to provide your horses with quality, certified organic feeds. In addition, to a full line of grains to meet your horse’s needs, they also provide certified organic alfalfa pellets.




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