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Horses: Older Horses and EquiPride

What it is/How it Affects Your Horse:
Time ultimately takes its toll on all living creatures, and all horses experience normal deterioration of the body due to age. A challenge facing older horses is maintaining a healthy weight. Weight loss is common, and difficulty in putting weight back on is frequent. Tooth loss also occurs over time, and older horses may have difficulty chewing and eating as a result. Older horses are also prone to ailments such as arthritis due to the natural wear and tear on joints over time. Cellular repair and growth slow down as a horse ages, making it difficult for them to heal from injuries and illness.

Online Resources We Recommend: 
EquiSearch: Managing the Changing Needs of Older Horses
Horses and Horse Information: Older Horse Special Needs and Nutrition

How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:
Testimonial from the owner of a 28-year-old retired competition horse:
“Within 3 months of using EquiPride, she hasn’t needed joint enhancing shots or other joint supplements. She is back to running and dancing in the pasture like she did before the arthritis and ringbone.”
-Cheryl, Berthoud, CO

Testimonial from the owner of a 24-year-old Tennessee Walking gelding:
“This horse had fatty deposits along his top line while being very thin along his ribs. After setting out an EquiLix in the paddock area, the benefits were almost immediate. The horse’s weight started to even out.”
-Andrea via e-mail to Colorado dealer Linda Hall-Taylor

Testimonial from the Colorado EquiPride distributor:
“My 24-year-old mare had a bad case of laminitis several years ago. After reading an article linking a diet full of sugar and starches to laminitis, I decided to give EquiPride a try. This was largely due to the fact that EquiPride is loaded with flax and omega 3s and is starch and sugar free. After the first pail, my mare was walking in the pasture without Bute or any other medications. After the second pail, she was trotting around and was back to her old self. I immediately placed all my horses on EquiPride.”
-Lisa, Golden, CO

Testimonial from the owner of a 23-year-old horse:
“Our horse was lame in three legs, and I was thinking about putting him down. Now he is moving around beautifully. He is my 10-year-old daughter’s horse, and she has even noticed a difference. Whatever is in this stuff is working for him. Needless to say, I’m recommending it to all my friends.”
-Cathy via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen