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Horses: Performance Horses and EquiPride

What it is/How it Affects Your Horse:
It is important to keep performance horses in top condition through a healthy diet, and training (exercise). When preparing to show, not only is it important to have your horse in the right body condition, but also peak mental condition as well. A competitive horse must have the energy for fast and fluid muscle contraction, and strong respiration and circulation throughout his body. These energy requirements are at their highest when the horse’s work intensifies.

Online Resources We Recommend: 
EquiSearch: Protein Needs of Performance Horses
Horses and Horse Information: Nutrition and Diet Facts

How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:
Testimonial from the owner of AQHA show horses:
“Before EquiPride, she was being fed 6 lbs. of grain and hay. Now she is on 1 lb. of grain and hay. Her focus has improved while maintaining her weight, speed, and endurance.”
-Dawn via e-mail to Colorado dealer Linda Hall-Taylor

Testimonial from a large animal veterinarian:
“This product has been a great addition to our practice, the effect on the horses is tremendous and I couldn’t ask for a better product to aid us. I highly recommend EquiPride to any horse owner to provide better-balanced nutrition, to improve hair/coat, foot growth, and immune response. It will help improve the performance horse’s ability to work and it is the best feed additive I have ever used.”
-Rob Thoni, DVM, Kilgore Veterinary Associates, TX