Treat of the Month—6-Month Subscription

Original price was: $80.Current price is: $75. / 30 days


Our 6-Month Treat Subscription

Your horse will love getting “refueled” with goodies each month!

Let us make it easy for you to treat your horse well. PLUS—SAVE $5 a month with your subscription! 

We’ll send you 9 pounds of the flavor of the month (we choose the new flavor each month to keep your horse up to date on all the flavors). Each month you’ll get a new flavor and type (some rings, stars, sticks, etc.). ALWAYS the treats will be all-natural with none of the extra gunk you may find in other treat brands! Plus–you SAVE $5 a month!

Notes: You’ll get a discount because we choose the flavor and you’re committing to a 6-month (auto-renewing after 180 days) subscription billed every 30 days. You may cancel your subscription with 30 days’ notice before your subscription ends. This offer is good for Colorado addresses ONLY! Shipping is included in the price for Colorado addresses. If you would like to set up a subscription outside of Colorado email us and we will provide you a price (including shipping) for your area.