chickstartgroproductOrganic Big Sky Starter (20% protein) is for broiler and layer chicks to six weeks old and contains NO soy, corn, or canola oil. This product contains grains from Montana farmers who have a commitment to sustainable production systems. We also purchase Montana-mined calcium and special vitamin/mineral premixes, all approved by USDA-NOP for use in organic feed.

Our organic feeds are made from high quality, certified organic grains grown in Montana and the surrounding region. The grains used in the rations are purchased from organic family farmers and also contain high-protein Kamut (ancient) wheat, barley, feed peas, and flax. The variety of grains and minor ingredients in our feed assures the best complement of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins available for your chickens. Our feed contains no antibiotics, animal by-products or coccidiostats.

Sold in 50lb bags or in bulk.

Flax provides omega-3 fatty acids
No corn or canola oil
Kamut brand Khorasan wheat is the principle ingredient, an ancient grain with superior qualities (watch this Kamut video now)
Feathers are shiny; bright comb and waddles
Improve flock health and egg production

How to Feed:
Feed free choice from 5 weeks to 10 weeks old for broilers. Feed free choice from hatch to 18 weeks for layers. In addition to this feed always provide fresh water. Keep feed dry, cool, and out of the sun.

Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:
Start-Gro Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis

Certified Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture


  • Posted August 30, 2016 7:34 pm by sheri Padilla 0Likes

    My chickens are almost 8 weeks , and I tried scratch and peck chic grower, but they only picked out certain things and left the rest. For the most part they have been on nutrena medicated feed.
    which looks like pellets, or small ones. The scratch and peck looks like whole grains, does your look like whole grains, or is it more ground up? If it is ground up they hopefully will eat it, but i hope to get a bag this week to try,

  • Posted October 11, 2016 4:10 pm by Justin Petrafeso 0Likes

    So sorry for the delay. Our scratch looks like whole grains. You can find a picture of it on our product page (see page 1). We do carry Layer Mash, which is a meal type of supplement. If you would like us to send you a sample of each, please send us your name, address, and email. We would be happy to. Thanks.

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