stewartfamilysmThe Stewart Family shares how SweetPro’s products have helped their horses in Routt County, Colorado.

“We have been rodeoing, riding and ranching in Routt County for the last 12 years.  As a PRCA pick up man and ranching family it is extremely important to us that our horses have the nutrition to be able to keep up with their strenuous jobs. Our herd has never been as healthy as they are since we started using EquiLix tubs. As a full time farrier for the past 15 years, Jason has has also seen the nutritional benefits literally from ‘head to toe.’

“A veterinarian recommend SweetPro’s EquiLix products to us last spring when one of our best pick up horses went through a rough spell of colic and tying up on a regular basis… since this horse has been on EquiLix he has not had colic or tied up once. You can imagine what a huge relief this was to us, and we got to see the product results first hand. This is when we decided to become dealers ourselves so that we can help other livestock owners here in Routt County.

“We love the SweetPro products because they are not molasses based and are so easy to feed.

“If you are interested in SweetPro products or have any questions please feel free to call Jason at 970-846-7288, and we will be happy to answer any questions and even get  you a free sample to try!”
-Jason and Jennifer Stewart