Marcy and Dale Waelti of Waelti Horse Farm in Brooklyn, WI, have had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix!

“We, at Waelti Horse Farm, have found EquiPride to be a great supplement for our horses and ponies. We began feeding it when our Arabian and one of our Haflingers started having some trouble with digestive upsets. They have been quite healthy since then. The Haflinger had always had hard stools and strained to pass stool. Now she can go fairly easily and the stool is much softer. Aside from having a softer stool our Arabian has a new sense of calm about him. He has always been high spirited but easily tipped over to unconfident and wanted to leave. We now notice that he remains calm much longer. Recently we have noticed that they are eating less yet maintaining their good weight. In the spring we plan to put the rest of the herd on EquiPride or EquiLix.”