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Agape’s Delicious Horse Treats—All Natural and Non-GMO

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What makes Delicious Horse Treats
It’s simple—our ingredients.

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Only the highest quality, non-GMO, raw ingredients have been used to develop the highest-quality treats for your animals. Each of the flavors contains ONLY farm-grown fruit, vegetables and/or herbs.
There are no preservatives, dyes, fillers, added sugar, chemicals, or artificial flavoring (they are all-natural). Most of the treats have less than 5 ingredients. You can see the content and a guaranteed analysis of each of our treats. For example, Pure Apple has only one ingredient: non-GMO Apple! We also have grain-free and corn-free treat options.
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This is the best way to TREAT your horse with natural ingredients! Ready to choose your flavor?

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Select the appropriate treat size to avoid choking risks and digestive upset. Agape Naturals/ Agape Distributors LLC is not responsible for choking hazards or flavor choices. Treats are sourced from and supplied by DHT: 306 Jersey Ave., Spring Lake, NJ 07762, 732-359-7558. Flavor descriptions are for entertainment purposes and may not apply to all mammals. Consult your veterinarian.