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Treat flavors in stock:

Alfalfa Rings

Anise Sticks

Apple Cinnamon

Apricot Peach


Beet Root

Carrot Hearts





Herbal Sticks

Herbal Balls

Orange Peel



Pineapple Rings

Rice Aronia

Rosehip Balls

Strawberry Flowers

Wild Fruit Mix

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About the treats:

We are excited to offer over 40 flavors of fresh farm grown fruits, vegetables and herbs (dried) for all your animals. These treats are non-gmo, no preservatives, additives, pesticides and no added sugar. We do have treats that are corn-free and grain free as well.

Corn Free
Milk Thistle Rings
Anise Sticks
Eucalyptus Sticks
Garlic Sticks
Herbal Sticks
Nettle Honey Sticks
Licorice Sticks
Oregano Sticks
Raspberry with Linen Fiber Sticks
Rice Raspberry Rings
Rice Aronia Rings
Pure Apple Sticks
Thyme Sticks
Rice Milk Thistle Rings
Grain Free
Mango Sticks
Pure Apple Sticks
Clicker Apple Carrot Sticks

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Want to know how different flavors help the horse?

Aronia- Grows in berry form. An antioxidant. Contains high levels of vitamin C. High in minerals folate. potassium, iron, manganese.
Rice- High in minerals magnesium and manganese. Good source of energy. Anti-inflammatory. Low in calories.
Rose Hips– Very effective in preventing and treating respiratory problems and flu. High in vitamin C. Rose Hips are used in many medications.
Sage- Used in preparation of  medications to treat  digestive problems, loss of appetite, diarrhea, bloat.
Strawberry- Very effective antioxidant, low calorie. Good source of minerals manganese, magnesium.
Yucca- Reduces ammonia in urine.
Horseradish- Very effective in preventing and treating urinary infections. Used in some anti-cancer drugs, contains glucosinates to  help protect
against toxins.
Juniper Berry Oil- Antioxidant, immune booster, detoxifier.
Manganese- Necessary for proper brain function, bone health, blood sugar regulation. Anti-inflammatory, aids in calcium absorption.
Thyme- Beneficial in treating stomach pain, colic, and respiratory illnesses. Effective in treating arthritis. A diuretic.
Rosemary- An antioxidant and. Anti-inflammatory, Improves digestion, effective in treating  neurological problems and protects against certain eye
Dried Distillers- Polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant- phenolic acid. High in fiber.
Xanthophylls- Carotenoids for eye health, aids in weight gain and maintaining body weight. 70.1% protein digestibility.



Please consult your veterinarian to find out what flavors and shapes of treats will be best for your individual animal.

Select the appropriate size of treat to avoid choking risks and digestive upset. Agape Naturals/ Agape Distributors LLC is not responsible for choking hazards or flavor choices. Treats are sourced from and supplied by DHT: 306 Jersey Ave., Spring Lake, NJ 07762, 732-359-7558.