We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! Read¬†Aleya’s updates on her goat here.

April 8, 2014: My goat, Molly, has been doing much better with her weight, spine and her coat. Her babies also had a few bites, and they filled out and grew a lot faster than I thought. It was sad to see them go, but this isn’t about them. Molly has been doing great: we had a few problems before with her weight right after she gave birth but I don’t think it was the supplements. I personally think it was the kids and them jumping on her back. That’s why her spine was rough (meaning that you could feel it and there wasn’t enough muscle there) there most of the time. After we bumped up the supplements and got rid of the kids she is doing fine now. We just started milking her a week ago, and her milk seems rich, and she is giving a good amount of milk. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. My goat has definitely improved since before we started.

June 3, 2014: This month has been mixed. The goats are loving their new barn and run. But with all the extra exercise Molly seems to have dropped some weight. So we are going to up our Agape supplements to try to help her gain some of her weight back. We are having a hard time keeping the other goats away from it–we literally have to remove Molly from the goat pen and feed her separately. We had to stop milking Molly when my great-grandma died, as we were out of town for a week with no one to milk her. I am bummed about that.

July 7, 2014: This month my goat, Molly, is still looking great. I went on vacation in June with my grandparents and brother. While I was away, my mom and dad took care of my animals. When I came back home to Colorado my goat walked right up to me and wanted to be pet. I enjoyed being away on vacation, and I also appreciated having my parents take care of my goat. Thanks for the supplements!

August 8, 2014: Summer seems to be flying by. We spent 10 days at fair with all of our different animals. Molly came for the gymkhana events of goat tying, but we did not show goats after that. We are now trying to breed Molly again and are hopeful for late or early February babies. We are nearly getting attacked when we go to feed now–Molly definitely knows when her grain and supplements are coming.

September 3, 2014: This was definitely an interesting project to be a part of. It was hard to feed the supplement to only one of our goats, because we as we pulled Molly out to feed, the rest of the herd knew she was getting something good and they were not. They didn’t think that was fair but Molly loved it. I did not do the goat project at fair because it was a conflict with my other projects. Because I did not have market animals I did not win any money at the fair, but overall I did learn more about my animals than I had in the past and even came home with some new animals. I’m looking forward to next year.