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Sheep: Caiden 4-H SweetPro Sponsorship

We’re big supporters of 4-H (and were 4-Hers ourselves!). Agape Naturals sponsored several Adams County 4-Hers with SweetPro feed supplements. Read Caiden’s updates on feeding SweetPro to her lamb.

April 4, 2015: Sadly, my first lambing season did not go as planned. My ewe Brianna died trying to deliver her twins on March 23, 2015. I am very sad because I raised Brianna since she was weaned from her mother. I will really miss her. My other ewe Abigail did not breed either. Since I did not have any lambs at home, I will be buying lambs again this year. I plan to visit a lamb and goat sale next weekend. I am also planning to visit Overman Club Lambs in Eaton, Colorado, to look at lambs. I would like to get two black face lambs and maybe a speckle face or a dorset. I would really love to find another natural-colored ewe just like Brianna. Here is a picture of her the day before she passed away.

May 2, 2015: My project is going pretty good so far. I just got four new lambs. They are all weathers but I still have Abby my yearling ewe also. And now I have a goat, too. I have not started halter breaking my sheep and goat yet. But tomorrow we are going to start. It was fun hearing from my breeder–he helped me picked some really nice lambs. I’m having challenges getting my new lambs to get to know me but tomorrow is a new day! Tomorrow we all are going to tag in for fair. I am excited to see what my animals’ starting weights will be.

June 2, 2015: Getting to know my lambs over the past month has been a lot of fun. They each have their own personality and attitude. It also has been amazing to watch how quickly they grow. I have been working with my animals about 4 times per week exercising and practicing. They are currently eating 3 pounds of grain per day with one ounce of Fresh Start and a handful of alfalfa each. At first they let the Fresh Start fall to the bottom of the feeder, and they weren’t eating it. Now they are cleaning it up and seem to like it. I am really excited to go to my first jackpot of the season this weekend. It will be interesting to see how much weight they have all gained since tag in. Here is a picture of me working with my lamb that I plan to use in showmanship–his name is Castiel.

July 1, 2015: June was a very busy month for me and my livestock. We got a lot of much needed practice away from home by going to jackpot shows and a show lamb camp. Our first stop was at the Freedom 4H Jackpot. There I won Grand Champion in goat showmanship, and I was Reserve Champion in sheep showmanship. It was a fun show at Adams County Fairgrounds and it got me excited for the county fair next month. Next, we went to the Jim Jones Benefit Jackpot in Keenesburg. I placed third in sheep showmanship, which was a nice surprise since this was a much bigger and more competitive show. Our last stop in June was Massey’s Show Lamb Camp in Brush, CO. I took my two wethers Castiel and Dean. In the two days there I learned so much! We spent many hours in the ring practicing with our sheep and the instructors. We also learned about fitting, exercise and feeding. I can definitely say that June was a month filled with learning. I am very excited to use the things I have learned both inside the show ring and out. My sheep are looking great and coming along nicely. We all will be ready for fair!

August 12, 2015: This Adams County Fair was one that I will never forget. My sheep and I did very well this year. My day started great when I won Grand Champion Junior Showman. Then, in the market show I showed 3 wethers. Dean got a 2nd place in the heavy weight cross class, and Sam got a 1st place in the light weight hampshire class. Castiel also got 1st place in the heavy weight hampshire class. In the hampshire champion drive Castiel was selected as the champion hampshire. After a short break we went back to the show ring for the overall champion drive and were picked as the reserve grand champion market lamb. I would like to thank Agape for sponsoring me with SweetPro this year to give my feeding program the winning edge. I am so excited to head to state fair in a couple of weeks to see how my sheep compete.