What it is and How it Affects Your Horse:

Arthritis is the inflammation of the cartilage in weight-bearing joints due to traumatic injury, or simply due to the wear and tear joints experience over time. The erosion and thinning of cartilage and the drying of the synovial fluid lubricating the joint causes friction between the two connecting bones, which subsequently causes pain, inflammation and loss of function. Older horses are at a much higher risk of arthritis due to the loss of elasticity in tendons, constant stress on joints (even standing puts stress and weight on joints), and cell death within cartilage.

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How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:

Testimonial from the owner of a 28-year-old retired competition horse:
“She was on several daily joint supplement which included monthly shots. Within 3 months of using EquiPride, she hasn’t needed joint enhancing shots or other joint supplements. She is back to running and dancing in the pasture like she did before the arthritis and ringbone.”

-Cheryl, Berthoud, CO

Testimonial from the owner of a horse struggling with stiffness:
“Chessie is moving around easier without all the stiffness of arthritis even though she is only eating 1/2 a scoop each day.”

-Customer via e-mail to Colorado dealer Linda Hall-Taylor

Testimonial from the owner of a horse struggling with joint pain:
“The pain in his right rear hip has disappeared! I’m so relieved. He no longer holds his leg in the air and has no pain even after riding him for over 2 hours! I used to give him 2cc of Bute before riding and now it’s no longer needed. I am sure it is due to the glucosamine in the EquiPride.”

-Sharon via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen

Testimonial from the owner of a “skinny and sensitive” thoroughbred:
“After a week of the EquiPride supplement his eyes had started to sparkle a little more, and I noticed a new energy in his step. Within a month the normal stiffness in his hind end seemed to have disappeared, and my farrier noticed his feet were tougher. I now swear by EquiPride and recommend it to all the ‘horse people’ I know.”

-Nicole, Boulder, CO