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Sheep: Jessica 4-H SweetPro Sponsorship

We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! ReadĀ Jessica’s updates on her lamb here.

May 20, 2014: I have just started halter breaking my lamb, Manny. It is a lot of hard work. He can be very hard to catch in his pen. I have figured out that he walks better when I walk him by his head rather than by a halter. I just split the stall that Manny and my ewe, Ellie, share so that they don’t have to share food. I am giving the SweetPro to Manny and not to Ellie. Everything else I am doing the same for them. I will be curious to see the differences between them at the end of the summer. Plus, I have just started exercising them, too. It’s a lot of hard work, but not as hard as training him to brace. Even so, I am up to the challenge of my market lamb, Manny.

May 31, 2014: I have been spending lots of time working with my lambs. I get up early every morning and run them for about 20 minutes. I then take them for a walk every afternoon. I also spend time teaching them how to walk and brace. They are growing so big. I am feeding the SweetPro to Manny and not to Ellie. I can’t wait to see the results. Raising a market lamb is hard work, besides just exercising them, I also have chores to do. I need to make sure that their pens are clean. Shoveling out the stall is probably my least favorite part of the project, but it has to be done.

June 30, 2014: June has been a very crazy month. Lots of fun things happening with my sheep. During June I got to participate in a jackpot show. Manny did OK at the show, but it showed me that I really need to work with him more on showmanship. Then I got to take Manny to the JB Massey Lamb Camp. It was lots of fun, and we spent lots of time learning about showing a sheep and fitting them. I am really enjoying working with my lamb this year.

August 7, 2014: Well, fair is over, and it has been a wonderful experience raising my market lamb this year. I learned a lot about raising and feeding my market lamb. I learned that proper nutrition and good exercise contribute to a finished lamb. I would like to thank Lisa for the opportunity to try Agape on my lamb, I think it really helped him grow and perform well. He grew from 58 lbs to 123 lbs at fair time. I plan to continue with my market lamb project next year and will buy a couple of more lambs in the spring.