We at Agape Naturals are strong supporters of 4-H! We’re proud to sponsor several Arapahoe County 4-Hers with SweetPro feed supplements. Read Lakayla’s updates here on using SweetPro Fresh Start with her goat.

april-302016-princeMay 1, 2016: Thank you for offering this feed sponsorship! I am really looking forward to this year in the goat project. I just got my main market goat Prince yesterday. Today was tag in-day at the fairgrounds, we also weighed him for the first time. His weight today was 49 pounds. Starting tomorrow I will start training him to walk on a lead and do a little bit of setting up as well. I am feeding him all he can eat for the next month then I will start to hand feed him to control his weight so I can start fitting him for show.

lakayla-goatJune 1, 2016: Prince and I have been having a lot of fun so far this year. We have been doing a lot of tying, bracing, walking, and running. Every day I tie up all my markets to eat their food individually then they tie with their heads up for 10 minutes 1x a day. At night he gets 1 handful of alfalfa hay after he eats all his grain. He eats 1.5 pounds of grain in the morning and 1 pound at night. Every morning before it gets hot outside I run him 3 laps each way on my track so he can build more muscle. At the Arapahoe County Red Carpet Prospect Show on May 21 I won Grand Champion Intermediate Market Goat Showman, and Prince won 3rd place in the heavy weight class. The judge said he needed more muscle, which will come now that I am running him on the track every day. Training him has been hard because he likes to be stubborn and not walk so I have been working on walking the most but even then I still have a ton of fun with him. Showing goats is my favorite thing to do during the summer because goats have amazing personalities. I hope this year I do better at fair and have a lot more fun showing! Thanks for this amazing opportunity with this great supplement!