deborah-terry-standingDeborah Terry of MTH Farm in Franktown, Colorado, has been using SweetPro’s sheep products (both the lick tubs and the sheep top dress) for several years now and seen impressive results. Here is what she tells us:

“I can tell you how SweetPro has affected our wool production. Our fleeces are larger 12-15+ lbs per animal, before SweetPro the average weight was 8-10 lbs. Quality is better, longer fiber.

Our grain and hay consumption has decreased by at least 25%, grain a little higher. We no longer flush our ewes or grain our rams prior to breeding season, and we averaged 2.1 lambs last lambing.

deborah-terry-feed-sheepWhen we first put the licks in (if they have been off them for a while) consumption is very high. The first two 125 lb tubs 40 head go through in about 2 weeks after that they slow down and use about one 250 lb tub a month and half or longer depending on time of year.

When they are on pasture they use less even in the beginning. I have found it best to keep them on the tubs year round. The only thing we add is white salt. I found out without the added white salt they use more of the licks.

deborah-terry-sheepI can tell you that our meat has been the best we have ever raised these last two years, and are lambs arrive strong and grow faster. They are ready for harvesting 1 month earlier.  No scours and stay hearty.

MTH Farms’ Lamb was just selected to be used by an International Wine Pairing event (the second largest after Aspen, CO).  Our Lamb will be paired with Chef John Moeller, former White House Chef during both Bush terms and President Clinton’s term and Chef Joe, from the Lucky Pie in Denver, CO.”