Agape Treats: Garlic Sticks


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Your horse will find our Garlic Natural Horse Treats DELICIOUS! 

Natural treats have natural benefits. Here’s what some thoughts about the ingredients… Let us know what benefits you see!

Garlic – Antibacterial, anti-fungal. Helpful in combating respiratory illness, promotes longevity and muscle and bone health. Detoxifying agent.

It has been reported that ingestion of garlic, and subsequent sweating, will deter ticks. Truth or Myth? Garlic has a distinctive pungent flavor yet contains a number of healthy compounds. Your horse will find our Garlic Natural Horse Treats DELICIOUS! 

A great remedy for all types of chest infections and helps reduce mucus. Garlic helps to reduce the chance of circulatory issues and strokes by keeping the blood thin. It also lowers cholesterol levels. It can help in getting rid of intestinal parasites and digestive infections.It helps to reduce blood sugar levels and is thought to help with late-onset diabetes. Garlic is an effective, all-natural aid to repelling insects. Once ingested, non metabolized garlic active ingredients are excreted via the breath and skin–repelling flies.Garlic is a natural food preservative, enhances food palatability, aids in respiration, protects skin from toxins, aids in preventing infection, contains antibacterial properties, can decrease methane emissions in cattle, and can help reduce pink eye. Info from: Chevallier, Andrew. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine. DK, 2000. 


We love these treats and hope you do as well. Please email with any questions regarding these products or your order.

Visit more information and to see all the possible flavor choices. Note that not all flavors are necessarily in stock at one time. 

Please consult your veterinarian to find out what flavors and shapes of treats will be best for your individual animal. Select the appropriate size of treat to avoid choking risks and digestive upset. Agape Naturals/ Agape Distributors LLC is not responsible for choking hazards or flavor choices.

Treats are sourced from and supplied by DHT: 306 Jersey Ave., Spring Lake, NJ 07762, 732-359-7558.

Sold in 2 lb. 4 lb. and 9 lb. sizes.  

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2 pounds, 4 pounds, 9 pounds