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SweetPro Calf Paste is designed and built to be a broad spectrum intervention and preventative response to the disease challenge

of scours in calves, lambs & kids.  Scours is a general condition of moderate to severe diarrhea caused by multiple organisms. The diarrhea that accompanies scours is the body’s natural response to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.

SweetPro’s Paste contains charcoal to bind some toxins, functional proteins to combat pathogenic organisms, probiotics to seed the intestine with the appropriate population of microorganisms, and Probiotien (a prebiotic that provides substrates for the appropriate population of microorganisms).


• Fights scours with this proprietary blend
• Provides the MOS (yeast) advantage
• Charcoal to bind toxins
• Probiotics & Prebiotics aid in digestive health
• Digestive enzymes and omega3 from flax
• Available in a 60 gram tube
(15 grams per serving)


Feeding Instructions

• For best results give one dose after birth and then at the first sign of scours, repeat as necessary.

• One tube provides 60 grams of paste or sufficient paste to tube 3 calves.

• Can be fed to lambs & kids as well as calves.

• Store paste in a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight.

• No refrigeration required; best when used within 2 years of lot code date.