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Now you can take it on the road! This 25-pound version of the EquiLix Performance Intake (PI) is a free choice non-molasses, non-starch lick block, formulated especially for horses, donkeys and mules. With the handy hanging feature, you can take this with you to shows or for trailer sessions to trail ride locales. Keep your horse busy and feeling great no matter where you go–without carrying more than you need! This comes with garlic in the mix to keep the bugs off your horses no matter where they are.

SweetPro pioneered the solidification of fermentation feeds such as distillers’ grains into solid blocks (known as EquiLix) and our own fermentation process to produce a unique “blend additive” called ProBiotein. Yeast and enzyme levels in ProBiotein greatly enhance the digestion of forages, so horses get more out their hay. In fact up to 25% better feed efficiency by using SweetPro products. Organically complexed trace minerals help improve bioavailability of those important minerals. Plus we’re adding the FlaxFactor–stabilized milled flax with its high levels of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

All our SweetPro products, including EquiLix PI, break from the tradition of molasses blocks, and provide your horses with healthier supplements that help their digestive systems perform at their natural best.

The benefits from our blends of ingredients and advanced processes, supports animals that grow stronger, faster and avoid many of the health problems with which cattle, horse, sheep and goat owners traditionally have struggled.

Product Specifics:
The yeast in Probiotein, cultured on a media of wheat, oats, barley malt and flax, is rich in biotin and other nutrients to aid digestion.
Pre-biotics, also known as oligosaccharides feed the beneficial probiotic bacteria, are a key part of the ProBiotein additive. These prebiotics help maintain good digestive tract health.
Enzymes, the catalysts of digestion are included in a fibrinolytic, amylolytic & proteolytic array to assist fiber, protein and mineral utilization.
Flax helps in many ways. The oil is dense energy which is high in Omega 3 fatty acid content. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid often missing in modern diets. Flax is also among the richest sources of lignans, which help improve immune function.
Organic complexed minerals are featured. Zinc, copper and manganese are complexed, or bound to protein instead of other minerals, assuring high bioavailability.
EquiLix PI also includes ethyl alcohol to raise palatability, enhance fiber digestion and add another non-starch energy source.
Diatomaceous Earth

Improves performance
Superior overall health
Improved digestion
Hard-keepers gain weight or up to 25% less forage needed
Helps combat digestive upset like colic
Shiny and healthy hair coat
Strong solid hooves
Better lubricity of joints
Strength and endurance
Improved temperament
Bright clear eyes

EquiLix Performance