In nature cattle met their nutritional needs by roaming to find plants, licking on mineral deposits and other plant material and consuming fresh, clean water free choice.  Farmers now confine their cattle to dry lot paddocks or pastures.  Our product choices support feeding cattle either free choice or scheduled feedings.

Dairy cattle have added nutritional stresses placed on their bodies in producing milk.  Our SweetPro products not only replenish lost nutrients, but also improve milk production and butter fat counts.


Improved herd health
Improved butterfat
Reduced somatic cell count
Will stay on feed in hot weather
Reduced incidence of DA  (displaced abomasum)
Reduced incidence of Milk Fever
Increased and earlier rumen activity in calves

Help choosing how to feed:

Many people believe that animals know what their bodies need and when they need it. In nature, they would find it. Ranch cattle certainly can’t roam far to meet their nutritional needs.  We offer products that support free choice feeding for your herd.

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Free-choice feeding options:

SweetPro cattle lick tubs are an all-natural, non-UREA, non-molasses, non-starch free-choice lick tub.  It contains protein, vitamins, minerals, yeast, live enzymes, and pre-biotics, for improved digestion and feed efficiency. We offer tubs for your calves, heifers or adult cows and/or bulls.

Here is a complete listing:

Lick Blocks for Every Stage of Growth

Cattle (Kaf) Starter: 250 to 450 lbs. Light calves and receiving cattle (both beef and dairy calves).

Cattle (Kaf) Kandi: 450 to 650 lbs. Heavier calves, receiving cattle and for starting stockers on grass.

SweetPro 16: 650 to 1,000 lbs. First calf heifers, stockers on grass, purebred operations, & goats.

FiberMate 18: 900 to 1,400 lbs. Cow block for average forage conditions, cows in stalks and stubble, market goats.

FiberMate 20: 1,000 to 1,450 lbs. Cow block for low consumption and tough forage conditions, market goats.

Magnum: “The Stopper” Slows consumption in harsh forage conditions.

Pasture Ranger: Stocker cattle and brood cows on bloat prone wheat pasture and alfalfa (High oil surfactant bloat block which helps slow digestive passage rates).

PowerMate I: All natural supplement for first calf heifers, brood cows, stocker cattle, and goats. Contains Diatomaceous earth. May provide an all-natural fly control.

PowerMate II: Brood cows, stocker cows, stocker cattle, and goats. Contains Diatomaceous earth. May provide all natural fly control.

Dry Cow: Anionic dairy dry cow and beef breeder block.

Note: We can add Altosid fly control to any of the tubs described above.

All of the SweetPro tubs are non-molasses and starch free, and contain protein, yeast, live enzymes, pre-biotics for better digestion and feed efficiency, and all the vitamins and minerals your cattle need.

Our tubs are designed to be fed year around for desired health benefits and weight gain.

Other Free Choice Products:

Redmond Naturals consist of sea salt and volcanic ash (toxin binder) conditioner. These products can be fed free choice or in scheduled feedings. If you are looking for salt, we recommend Redmond Naturals’ sea salt with over 50 trace minerals. The Redmond salt blocks come in a 44lb Lick Block version or bagged salt in 50lbs bags or 2,000lb totes. There are many types of salt in fine, medium or coarse grade size. Redmond Conditioner is a wonderful source of mineral and toxin binder and is available in 50lb bags or 2,000 totes.

Scheduled feeding options:

SweetPro’s Fresh Start with Diatomaceous Earth is great if you prefer to feed your cattle in a TMR format we suggest feeding. Fresh start is an all-natural, non-molasses, non-starch loose supplement that is intended for hand feeding. Fresh start contains all the protein, vitamins, minerals, yeast, live enzymes, pre-biotics and diatomaceous earth for your cow’s nutritional needs. Fresh Start can be ordered in 50lb bags or 2,000 lb totes. Please note that Fresh Start is suitable for all ages of cattle. Fresh Start is fed at 1 oz. /100lbs of body weight per day.

Success Stories:

Sara Haas of Longmont, Colorado, shares how her Dairy Cow Gracie  journeyed back from starvation thanks to SweetPro!  Click here or on the Success Story below for a larger image>>


More Feedback:

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Video Testimonials:

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