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Horses: Foal Health and EquiPride

What it is/How it Affects Your Horse:
Foals go through rapid growth spurts from the time they’re born to age 2. Early nutrition is important in determining the soundness and health of the foal for the rest of their lives.  Diets that support moderate growth are less likely to cause developmental problems for young horses. The mare must have increased nutritional value to support a nursing foal. An increase in protein and calories is important for a healthy mare, and a healthy foal during nursing.

Online Resources We Recommend: 
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How Agape’s Line of Products May Help:
Testimonial from the owner of a thoroughbred filly:
“Our 2-year-old filly is the one we’ve noticed the most change in. Her coat is starting to dapple out. I thought I was seeing things but my husband said the same thing.”
-Tracy via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen

Testimonial from the owner of a 3-year-old gelding:
“The young gelding that used to have abscesses hasn’t had one since we started using EquiPride. Additionally his hocks have become stronger, his loins have filled out, and his muscling has become more defined. He is filling out sooner than his other siblings had at this stage. You have a couple of life-long customers!”
-Kathy via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen

Testimonial from the owner of a young filly:
“The baby (a 2 1/2 year-old) has grown more evenly since starting EquiPride. She has stopped those massive growth spurts and is now growing much more evenly and steadily. My vet has commented on how healthy she looks. I am convinced I’ve found a simple yet very healthy program for my horses.”
-Susie via e-mail to Colorado distributor Lisa Rasmussen