Modesto Mills Organic Rabbit Pellets Testimonial 


Pam Federer of Boulder, Colorado, was one of our first clients to test Agape Naturals’ new organic rabbit feed.  Here’s what she had to say about her trial period.


“This is my daughter’s first year in 4-H ,and she is planning to show her two 1-year-old mini lop does at fair this summer. Owning rabbits is new to us, so  we have spent this year learning about their care and nutrition. We started out with pet store pellets but had been hoping to find a healthier option that was fresher and more nutritious. Modesto Mills pellets were just what we were looking for—the fact that they were organic was a plus!

The rabbits were slowly transitioned onto their new organic feed but seemed to find the feed palatable right from the start. Their coats are shiny, and they have been very healthy this spring after starting the organic pellets.

We love feeding organic pellets to our rabbits and knowing that we are fueling them with clean food. The feed is corn, soy and canola-free and instead gives them healthier ingredients like peas, alfalfa and sunflower seeds.

Our rabbits live inside our home which can make cage odor an issue.  We love that the yucca in Modesto Mills pellets cuts down on ammonia in the cage.